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Dunbar Consulting Inc. (DCI) has been providing sophisticated technology solutions and consulting services to clients across commercial and government sectors in the DC region for 25 years. In our more than two decades in business, DCI has endured the bust, 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis and the recession that followed, government shutdowns, and a global pandemic. Throughout this communal trek, DCI has responded to the ever-changing dynamics in our economy and our nation and will continue to do so with long-term sustainability and growth in mind. DCI is a Certified Small, Woman-Owned Business through the Virginia Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity. The SWaM certification program is a state program of the Commonwealth of Virginia. DCI’s leadership cultivates an inclusive organization through its certifications, employees, and suppliers.

1 Strategy

Organizations count on our team of advanced technology experts to proactively and strategically provide business consulting services, effective application solutions, high-quality implementations and mission-critical support services.

2 Development

Our software development work is fully customized to our client’s needs. We reduce the immediate and long-term costs of developing software by utilizing reusable software components, application frameworks, and open-source software, where appropriate.

3 Leadership

Dunbar Consulting’s significant industry and functional experience coupled with our customer-centric and solutions-driven approach generates value unparalleled among other small to medium IT consulting firms. We are known as being leaders in the industry.

What Our Clients Say

Terri and Dunbar Consulting, Inc. successfully provided us with top-notch custom technical support solutions and consulting services for over two years. She was dependable and provided value-added customer service to our clients and vendors.

-Joe, Co-CEO at Mezmo Corporation (dab InnoCaption)

Brian Dunbar and Dunbar Consulting Inc. deliver dependably and you can count on their software to be on-time and on budget. DCI also stands behind its software and delivers on its software guarantee whenever required. I would recommend DCI for any software development job of any size or complexity.

-Kevin Traub, Sr. Principal Systems Engineer at Rockwell Collins


DCI has the capabilities, resources, and experience to manage the complete lifecycle of
software development projects from concept through deployment and maintenance.

IT Architecture
& System Design

Delivering foundational architecture to maximize scalability and performance.

Java Technology
Development and Consulting

Java development, performance tuning, & integration solutions.

Cost-Effective Use of
Open-Source Technology

Significantly reducing development costs in a number of proven ways.

Custom Software Development & Full Lifecycle Services

Architecture, design, development, testing, instrumentation & maintenance.


Defining strategies, identifying threats, and deploying secure solutions.

Data Delivery

Modeling information dissemination to your users electronically.

Cloud Architecture & Implementation

Providing high-availability applications to achieve your business objectives.

High Availability Operations, Monitoring and Maintenance

Ensuring crucial systems provide optimal service 24×7.


Relevant guidance that focuses on your success in the technology arena.


DCI offers end-to-end capabilities all in one place. We are able to integrate multiple subject areas into
seamless solutions for our clients by leveraging the unique skill-sets of our in-house personnel and strategic alliances with other small businesses.

When your business depends on software systems to function at optimum levels, you need to make the right technology choices and keep those systems operating and meeting your needs. DCI provides expertise and proven experience in developing, deploying, operating, and maintaining software systems no matter how complex. We offer expertise in software development and application management, giving our customers rapid delivery and mission impact solutions. We provide expert guidance to operate, maintain and modernize platforms looking to migrate to the cloud/AWS.
DCI helps customers of all types and sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS, accelerating their journey to the cloud. Our professional services include system integration and strategic consultation. We provide a variety of resources, training, tools, and support to build, market, and sell with Amazon Web Services. Unlock the benefits and value-added services of AWS.
Many organizations need expertise on various Information Technology (IT) topics, but don’t have the budget to hire full-time staff. Similarly, organizations experience peaks in demand for IT services that do not result in the need to hire permanent employees. DCI can help address your IT needs for all size projects in a cost-effective and timely manner so you can focus on running your business.
When the success of your business depends on the reliability of your systems, you want peace of mind that your systems are always running properly. We are experts in building and maintaining high-availability, 24×7, mission critical systems. Our team specializes in automating the monitoring and recovery of software programs to make sure system monitoring will not consume your budget.
We offer clients expertise in all of the technologies critical to successfully deploying highly scalable, highly available, web-based systems. We have extensive experience in  Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora), Windows, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Angular,  React JS, Ruby, Perl, Python, Spring, AJAX, Ruby on Rails (ROR), RESTful web services. We also have experience in all the major relational database systems including Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL/MariaDB.

We are experts in utilizing AWS technologies to build and operate the most reliable systems. EC2, EBS, EFS, S3, EBS, ASG, Lambda, AWS Batch, ECS, Fargate ECS, EKS (Kubernetes) We utilize DevSecOps practices to maximize productivity and agility while increasing reliability and availability.

DCI’s Agile development teams operate using a process assessed at CMMI Level 5 for Development to successfully deliver on major implementation and management programs within the federal government.

We currently support more than 80 Applications for our existing clients and it is continually growing. One of our projects hosted in AWS uses technologies such as ELB, auto-scaling groups as well as other high-volume web technologies like Akamai to handle more than 500 million hits per day.

We provide high-performance solutions to our clients including web-based portals, customer relationship management applications, content management systems, workflow management solutions, and integration with back-end systems. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries including insurance, financial services, telecommunications, health care, retail, manufacturing, aviation, and government agencies.


“Dunbar Consulting has used their understanding of our program objectives to suggest development paths which result in better product quality, improved system management, and lower life-cycle costs.”



Brian and Terri Dunbar founded Dunbar Consulting, Inc. in 1999 recognizing the growing role technology and data analytics
play in organizations from the perspective of strategic management to leadership and ethics.

They manage a full-service team of technology professionals with a broad range of expertise
in a variety of fields, uniting the strengths of many disciplines.


    With 30 years of software engineering experience, Brian Dunbar is an expert in providing complete lifecycle services for commercial software applications and leading the design of enterprise-wide application architecture as well as mission-critical software systems. At Dunbar Consulting, Brian is responsible for providing cost estimates, managing contracts with new and existing clients, and managing development teams to ensure projects are on time and on schedule.

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    As COO of Dunbar Consulting since 2004, Terri Dunbar manages vendor relations with new and existing clients, prepares monthly, quarterly and annual audit reports, tracks trends and enhances product offerings, implements innovative employee recruiting and retainment programs, and is responsible for corporate policy making. Terri holds a patent in her name. She is PMI and PMP certified. Read More…


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