DCI Celebrates 25 Years: A Testament to Resilient Agility and Adaptable Strategies

Dunbar Consulting Inc. (DCI), a trailblazer in providing custom technology solutions and consulting services, is proud to announce its 25th anniversary. 

DCI Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary

A certified small, woman-owned business recognized through the Virginia Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity, DCI commemorates a quarter-century of impactful leadership and technological developments in the commercial and government sectors within the D.C. Metro region.

Founded on the principles of resilience, agility, and adaptability, DCI has successfully navigated numerous economic and societal challenges, from the dot.com bust, the aftermath of 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis, to the recent global pandemic. Through each of these transformative events, DCI has not only adapted but emerged stronger, a testament to its enduring commitment to addressing the dynamic needs of clients and partners.

On its 25-year anniversary, DCI celebrates the theme “Resilient Agility | Adaptable Strategies“, highlighting the company’s steadfast approach to fostering long-term sustainability and growth. This guiding force has propelled DCI to the forefront of technology consulting, where its contributions have significantly shaped the tech landscape within the commercial and government sectors.

Founders Brian and Terri Dunbar are at the helm of DCI’s remarkable journey. Their visionary leadership and dedication have nurtured a culture of excellence and growth. Brian and Terri are not only celebrated for their professional achievements but also for their active engagement within local business and tech communities and dedication to their alma mater, George Mason University. 

As an adjunct professor at the George Mason School of Business, Terri Dunbar instills the next generation of leaders with the values of stewardship, passion and strategic foresight. 

The Dunbars’ commitment extends to the Mason sports communities, where their support showcases a blend of academic and athletic excellence that defines George Mason University.

Additionally, Terri Dunbar’s involvement with the Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum (SECAF) and the Northern Virginia Society for Human Resource Management (NOVA SHRM) stands as a beacon of her commitment to nurturing an ecosystem that thrives on knowledge-sharing and collaborative growth.

Something I ask myself, my team members, and my students, whom I’m honored to work with and have instilled in my own children, is, “At the end of the day, did we do the best we could? Did we make a difference in some way?” If we can honestly answer “yes,” then we’ve done well. The days that we respond with “no” allow us to reflect and do better.   – Terri E. Dunbar, CEO, Co-Founder & Director of Dunbar Consulting, Inc.

As DCI embarks on its next chapter, it reaffirms its commitment to pioneering solutions that meet the evolving demands of modern technology. With “Resilient Agility | Adaptable Strategies” as its guiding light, DCI looks forward to forging new paths of ingenuity, supported by a community of clients, partners, and employees whose collective expertise and dedication have been integral to its success.

About Dunbar Consulting Inc.

Brian and Terri Dunbar founded Dunbar Consulting, Inc. (DCI) in 1999, recognizing the growing role technology and data analytics play in organizations from the perspective of strategic management to leadership and ethics. 

DCI provides state-of-the-art technology solutions and consulting services to a diverse client base across commercial and government sectors. With a foundation built on resilient agility and adaptable strategies, DCI has been at the forefront of addressing complex technology challenges for 25 years. 

As a Certified Small, Woman-Owned Business, DCI is committed to fostering an inclusive and innovative culture that resonates with its clients, partners, and the communities it serves.